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BbNaija Tacha and Mummy Zee clashes on social media - 221 Views

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BbNaija Tacha and Mummy Zee clashes on social media

BbNaija Tacha and Mummy Zee clashes on social media

Ex-housemate of season 7 Bbnaija Tacha and Mummy Zee clashes on social media. These two find themselves at odds in a recent social media spat, creating quite a stir among their followers.

The clash kicked off when an observant user informed Mummy Zee about Tacha allegedly hurling insults her way during a show. Mummy Zee, nonchalant in her response, dismissed Tacha as someone lacking sense.

Tacha didn’t take this lightly and hit back, criticizing Mummy Zee’s self-esteem and bluntly referring to her as a “homeless piece of sh*t as .”

bbnaija tacha and mummy Zee

Tacha went on to question Mummy Zee’s ability to think independently and suggested that funds obtained through “begging” be put toward her daughter’s education.

In a tweet, Tacha wrote;

“Take a look at this homeless piece of sh*t with zero self-esteem… A person with no ability to think for herself at her big age!! Really hope you use all that community funds you got from begging to actually send your daughter to a good school!”

The feud intensified as Tacha also took a swipe at Mummy Zee’s husband and expressed regret for praising her on a podcast. Tacha stated, “Waking up at 4 am to cook for a hungry-looking man.

See!! It’ll never be my fault y’all don’t understand ‘context’ and to even think I was praising this fool on an episode of the Big Friday show is just funny.”

it’s about to go down

Mummy Zee, in a prior post, had dismissed Tacha as “someone wey no get sense” after learning about Tacha’s comments during an episode of the Spill With Phyna podcast.

Tacha had questioned the idea of waking up early to cook and suggested hiring a chef instead.

In a surprising turn of events, social media commentator Solomon Buchi, who initially criticized Tacha’s response, changed his stance.

After watching the full podcast episode, he apologized to Bbnaija Tacha and Mummy Zee was cautioned to be wary before her

“passionate fans needlessly set her up against others.”

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