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BBNaija Venita Advices Women Not To Get Married Before Age 28 - 169 Views

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BBNaija Venita Advices Women Not To Get Married Before Age 28

During an interview on The Big Friday Show, former Big Brother Naija star Venita Akpofure strongly advised against early marriages, underscoring the significance of waiting until one reaches at least 28 years old. Venita shared her candid perspective in a conversation with fellow reality star Tacha, where she encouraged women to prioritize enjoying their lives before delving into marriage.

“Avoid getting married young! Don’t rush into a ‘high school sweetheart, we die here’ situation. Just be young! Embrace and enjoy your life. When you feel ready, then consider getting married,” Venita emphasized during the discussion.

Particularly adamant about her stance for her daughter, Venita expressed, “If my daughter approaches me, as long as she’s not, I swear to God, not up to 28, we can rock with it. Anything below 28, please no.” Venita’s advice stems from the belief that individuals should have ample time to discover themselves before making the commitment of marriage.

While acknowledging that some people may mature earlier, Venita highlighted the importance of exploring various aspects of life to make informed decisions about marriage. “Don’t get me wrong, there are mature individuals, but you need to try different things in life, different experiences, to be sure of saying, ‘Okay, I want to be stuck here.’ Because it’s handcuff, you’re there,” she explained.

Drawing from her personal experience as a divorced individual, Venita provided insights into the challenges of long-term commitment. She suggested that couples consider having separate yet connected rooms to maintain independence and avoid potential conflicts.

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