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Border Chaos: 20,000 Trucks Stranded as Poland-Ukraine Dispute Over EU Access Escalates - 172 Views

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Border Chaos: 20,000 Trucks Stranded as Poland-Ukraine Dispute Over EU Access Escalates

Over 20,000 trucks from Poland and Ukraine find themselves at a standstill across three major border crossings. The deadlock arises from a protest by Polish truck drivers against an EU deal granting Ukrainian trucks unrestricted access to the bloc.

The protest, initiated by Polish carriers on Monday, has paralyzed movement at the Korczowa-Krakowiec, Hrebenne-Rava-Ruska, and Dorohusk-Yahodyn border crossings. As a result, economic losses extend beyond Ukraine and Poland, impacting other nations unable to transport goods amid the disruption.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Ukrainian truck drivers have been exempt from obtaining permits to cross the Polish border. However, Polish drivers allege that Russian and Belarusian entities are establishing Polish outfits, contributing to their grievances.

This protest follows a recent dispute between the two neighboring countries over cheap Ukrainian grain, rerouted through Poland due to the occupation of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports. The strain on Poland, a crucial supporter of Ukraine’s war effort, reveals signs of fatigue and diminishing sympathy amid the ongoing crisis.

Poland has played a pivotal role in aiding Ukraine, accommodating millions of displaced individuals and facilitating the transit of NATO military equipment. However, anti-Ukrainian sentiment has surfaced in Poland, as seen in the recent election campaign where right-wing parties sought to capitalize on such sentiments.

The International Transport Association of Ukraine highlights Polish dissatisfaction with heightened competition resulting from the liberalization of international transportation between Ukraine and EU countries. One of the protesters’ demands is the cancellation of visa-free transport, indicating a complex and multifaceted dispute that requires careful diplomatic navigation to find a resolution.

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