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Download – Childhood Love - Full Movies Download

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Download – Childhood Love

In the movie “CHILDHOOD LOVE,” Junor and Kim reunited after a long time, with Junor seeking Kim’s expertise to expand his brand. Kim is hesitant about romantic advances from Lawrence but focuses on her childhood friend and career. Kim’s mother tries to encourage her to consider introducing Lawrence to the family, but Kim dismisses his advances and asserts her independence.

The mothers and daughters in the film have heartfelt conversations about love, forgiveness, and following one’s heart. The characters express their deep longing and desire for each other, with one character even searching for their childhood sweetheart at their old estate. The video showcases the depth of emotions and commitment of the characters, who trust that they will eventually be reunited despite the passage of time and obstacles


Movies Title: Download – Childhood Love - ( Full Movie Download )

Filesize: 140MB

Imdb: NIL

Genre: Nollywood

Cast: Chidi Dike, Duke Faith, Maicon Emeka & Chiege Alisigwe

Subtitle: English

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