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Action Movie 2024 : GODS OF EGYPT | Full Movie - Full Hollywood Download

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Action Movie 2024 : GODS OF EGYPT | Full Movie

the origins of Egyptian gods and their relationships with one another are explored. Gods such as Osiris, Horus, and Set are depicted, with their bond tested by jealousy and the need for a wise and strong man to help them. During the crowning of Horus, celebration ensues but tension between Horus and Set escalates, leading to a battle for the throne. Horus is later revealed to not be Set’s son, causing chaos in Egypt. Horus then embarks on a mission to overthrow Set and save his people by freeing Anubis. Contact is made with the gods Ra and Anubis, whom Horus seeks help from, leading to heated exchanges and power struggles between them. The Gods of Egypt engage in various conflicts, alluding to ongoing power struggles and animosity towards one another

Hollywood Title: Action Movie 2024 : GODS OF EGYPT | Full Movie - ( Full Movie Download )

Filesize: 320mb

Imdb: Nill

Genre: Action, Hollywood


Subtitle: English

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