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Foreign-born Residents in Japan Challenge Government in Lawsuit Alleging Racial Profiling - 148 Views

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Foreign-born Residents in Japan Challenge Government in Lawsuit Alleging Racial Profiling

Three foreign-born residents in Tokyo have filed a lawsuit against the Japanese government, accusing authorities of engaging in racial profiling. The case, brought before the Tokyo National Court, raises questions about Japanese identity and nationality, and the issue has since then caused an international debate.

According to public broadcaster NHK, the plaintiffs assert that they were subjected to police questioning based on factors such as race, skin color, and nationality, constituting discrimination in violation of Japan’s constitution. The individuals are seeking three million yen (approximately $20,355) in compensation per person from the national government, the Tokyo metropolitan government, and the Aichi prefectural government.

One plaintiff, who arrived in Japan from India more than two decades ago after marrying his wife, claimed to have been repeatedly stopped and questioned by police officers on the street, sometimes twice a day. The harassment reached a point where he felt fearful about leaving his house, as reported by NHK.

During the news conference, a Pakistani-born Japanese citizen expressed his concern about the prevailing perception that foreigners who look distinctively foreign are more likely to commit crimes. He shared his experience of cooperating with the police for the sake of public safety but expressed doubts after facing repeated incidents.

The third plaintiff, an American-born man, aims to raise awareness of the issue among the Japanese population through his participation in the lawsuit. The legal action showcased the growing racial profiling and discrimination in the country, bringing attention to the experiences of foreign-born residents in Japan.

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