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German Lawmakers Approve Military Aid for Ukraine but Reject Taurus Missiles Delivery - 106 Views

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German Lawmakers Approve Military Aid for Ukraine but Reject Taurus Missiles Delivery

German lawmakers have granted further military support to Ukraine, which includes long-range weapon systems, almost two years after Russia’s invasion. However, a motion to supply Taurus cruise missiles to Kyiv was rejected by the Bundestag.

Germany, being the second-largest contributor of military aid to Ukraine, has been under pressure to provide Taurus missiles. Chancellor Olaf Scholz has resisted this move, fearing that such action could escalate the international conflict.

Defence Minister Boris Pistorius emphasized the ongoing threat posed by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Russia and pledged Germany’s commitment to counter it “with all our strength.” The approved motion, put forward by Scholz’s coalition, which includes the Greens and the Free Democrats (FDP), commits to delivering “additional long-range weapon systems and ammunition.” However, it does not explicitly mention Taurus missiles, leading to differing interpretations among lawmakers.

The conservative opposition, seeking to increase pressure on Scholz, presented a separate motion explicitly calling for the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles. These missiles could provide Ukraine with the capability to target deeper within Russian-occupied territory.

The decision reflects the delicate balance Germany seeks in providing military support to Ukraine without escalating tensions further. As tensions persist in Eastern Europe, Germany’s stance on military aid continues to be closely watched on the international stage.

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