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God’s work is my destiny – Confuse Yul Edochie on returning to acting - 230 Views

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God’s work is my destiny – Confuse Yul Edochie on returning to acting

Actor-turned-minister, Yul Edochie has answered the burning question of some of his fans regarding his acting career.

Edochie took to his Instagram account on January 24, 2024, to let his fans know that his hiatus from the big screen is not permanent. He emphasised that his new found journey as a minister is his destiny and calling, which he intends to fulfil.

His post read,

“Millions of my fans still want to see me on screen acting. Don’t worry my people, I’m not going away completely. I have to fulfil my destiny. God’s work is my destiny. And God’s work must be done. I’m happy. God bless you all.”

Despite the fact that it had been a few days since his announcement, Edochie’s new found path still had some of fans in a state of confusion. Many in the comment section still tried to ascertain his seriousness on the topic, while others sternly warned him against “clout chasing” with religion and “mocking God.”

One particular follower advised him saying: “I think you should take a break/pause , pray and seek for God’s direction and presence, make sure you are genuine about it , you can’t just jump into being a pastor knowing fully well the way people feel about you , God is not to be mocked , make peace with your fans , Nigerian youths you disappointed and God then people can take you serious , cos all these you are doing for someone to take you serious is not gonna be easy.”

Another follower commented: “You’re using God too to chase clout?”

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday January 23, 2024, the actor told his followers on social media to anticipation what he called the “biggest announcement” of his life. At 4pm prompt, he then posted a flier to his Instagram containing the details of his “True Salvation Ministry” and urged his fans to attend online.

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