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Gunfire Hits Home of Canadian Sikh Activist Linked to Separatist Movement - 124 Views

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Gunfire Hits Home of Canadian Sikh Activist Linked to Separatist Movement

Gunfire targeted the residence of Inderjit Singh Gosal, a Canadian Sikh activist residing in Brampton, Ontario, stirring concerns over potential connections to the Sikh separatist movement. The incident occurred months after the assassination of another activist strained Canada-India relations.

Construction workers discovered a bullet hole in Gosal’s home window on Monday, prompting an investigation by Peel Regional Police. While it remains uncertain if the incident is linked to the group Sikhs for Justice, with which Gosal had collaborated, authorities are exploring all possibilities.

Sikhs for Justice, advocating for a separate Sikh homeland known as Khalistan, believes Gosal may have been targeted for his role in promoting the establishment of Khalistan, encompassing parts of India’s Punjab state. The group highlighted the discovery of the bullet hole following Gosal’s announcement of the Khalistan Freedom Rally at the Indian Consulate in Toronto on February 17.

Campaigning for Khalistan faces legal restrictions in India due to memories of a past deadly insurgency by Sikh separatists. However, it enjoys support in the Sikh diaspora abroad, where activists can openly express their views under free speech protections, despite concerns in India. The police investigation aims to ascertain the motives behind the gunfire incident at Gosal’s residence.

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