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How to Know You are Being Cheated on in a Relationship and Ways to Investigate - 415 Views

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How to Know You are Being Cheated on in a Relationship and Ways to Investigate

In today’s relationship, cheating is almost inevitable , that out of 10 relationships, about 8 or 9 involve in infidelity, one way or the other. It’s very difficult these days to find a relationship devoid of a cheating partner. The rate of infidelity in intimate relationships round the world has grown by 200% compare to what it were before the era of social media.

Being in a good relationship, is the sweetest thing ever, you feel partly fulfilled in life when ever you have your partner by your side. But the question here is ‘how well do you trust your partner?, have you ever tried to check how sound your relationship with that person has been of late?

How to Know You are Being Cheated on in a relationship and the ways to investigate them involve lots of determination and courage to withstand what ever the outcome of your investigation may be. But if you think you have the heart to do these, we will give you just five common signs to use and track your partners illicit activities.

1. Stronger Phone Privacy: Any relationship with stronger phone privacy is a fling. On no account should your partner prevent you from accessing his or her phone. Once you begin to suspect frequent phone locks and private calls from a “relative” that will need them to step away for a private conversation, there you can know something fishy is going on.

2. Social Media Addiction: When ever you notice your partner is so addicted to social media, try as much as possible to look into his or her activities. Though most of them go as far as registering another secrete accounts on social media just to cheat or even joining social websites built specifically for cheaters.

3. Girls Only and Guys Only Night Out: Most people think their relationship with their partner is more save when ever they hang out with their follow s3x type. “No,”you are wrong. Look guys, once you keep allowing your partner to spend late night with their so-call guys only or ladies only night out, the bad ones among their friends will always lure your partner into connecting with another of opposite s3x and from there your girl may begin to nurture thoughts like “I think he looks cool and charming” and your guy at the other side may be like “ that girl looks hot, I need to taste her”. To avoid this, try to know the kind of friends your partner keeps. Watch out for his or her activities on social media groups to know what they really do in there.

4. Efforts to Look Good Always: Find! This is one of the qualities we usually advice our clients to adopt so to keep their relationship alive but in as much as we do advice you to look good, we will also advice you to make sure your partner does this just to impress you alone because when others outside your relationship begin to pick interest, my brother, my sister, you are finished.

5. Low Performance on Bed. Low bed performance isn’t just for men alone, even women do encounter this. When she is so dry inside and unable to get wet or feels anything, there she becomes a victim of low performance on bed. The only time this could happen is when her mind is no more with the man. And as for the men, a man who used to make his woman release like 5 times at a go suddenly dropped to one time, is also subjected to low performance as a result of divided attention. At this point you should be able to know where you stand.

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