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Israeli Special Force Penetrated the Largest Functioning Hospital in Gaza Amidst Rise Tensions - 107 Views

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Israeli Special Force Penetrated the Largest Functioning Hospital in Gaza Amidst Rise Tensions

Israeli special forces reportedly entered Nasser Hospital, the largest functioning medical facility in Gaza, according to both the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Ministry of Health in Hamas-run Gaza.

The development follows reports from doctors and medical officials in southern Gaza, alleging that Israeli snipers had fatally shot individuals attempting to depart the Nasser Medical Complex in recent days.

Situated in the southern city of Khan Younis, Nasser Hospital has been a focal point of ongoing Israeli military operations in the region for weeks.

The IDF spokesperson cited “credible intelligence from multiple sources, including released hostages,” suggesting that Hamas may have previously held hostages at the hospital, potentially leaving deceased hostages within the premises. However, the military did not publicly disclose this evidence.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated that IDF forces were engaged in a “precise and limited operation” within Nasser Hospital.

Dr. Ashraf Al-Qidra, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, condemned the Israeli occupation’s actions, accusing them of converting the medical complex into a military base and disturbing mass graves within the facility.

The incursion occurred a day after hundreds of civilians were reportedly compelled by Israeli forces to vacate the hospital, which served as a shelter. Videos from Tuesday depicted smoke columns around the perimeter, an Israeli bulldozer demolishing a hospital wall, and an armoured vehicle entering the premises. Gunfire was audible throughout the footage.

A traumatized surgeon at the hospital, preferring anonymity for security reasons, disclosed that at least eight individuals attempting to flee faced gunfire on Tuesday. Among the wounded was a 16-year-old boy struck by four bullets at the hospital gate

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