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Israeli Undercover Operation: Three Militants Killed in West Bank Hospital Raid - 115 Views

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Israeli Undercover Operation: Three Militants Killed in West Bank Hospital Raid

Undercover Israeli troops, disguised as medical staff, executed a raid on Jenin’s Ibn Sina hospital, leading to the unfortunate demise of three Palestinian men. The operation, captured on CCTV, depicted commandos posing as civilians, including nurses, as they entered the hospital carrying assault weapons.

Amidst the ongoing Israeli-Gaza conflict, tensions have spilled into the West Bank, marked by increased restrictions and settler violence. The recent hospital raid stands out as one of the boldest Israeli actions during this conflict, sparking concerns about potential violations of international humanitarian law.

The victims, who were asleep during the attack, included an individual claimed by Hamas and two others associated with Islamic Jihad. All three were reportedly part of the Jenin Brigade, an umbrella group of armed Palestinian factions. The Israeli special forces allegedly infiltrated the hospital individually, reaching the third floor to carry out the targeted assassinations.

In a statement, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) justified the operation, asserting that it targeted Hamas fighter Mohammed Jalamneh. The IDF accused Jalamneh of planning a terror attack inspired by a previous incident and claimed he was found with a pistol.

Additionally, two brothers linked to Islamic Jihad, Mohammed and Basel Al-Ghazawi, were also reported to have been killed in the raid. The unfolding situation adds further complexity to the ongoing conflict, prompting heightened scrutiny of the IDF’s actions.

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