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It’s Very Hard To Find A Guy In Nigeria Who Doesn’t Smoke – DO YOU AGREE? - 106 Views

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A charming woman asserts that finding a responsible man in Nigeria who doesn’t heavily indulge in smoking has become increasingly challenging.

In a video shared on her TikTok page, @simplebae01, the woman acknowledges that she doesn’t necessarily have an issue with smoking.

However, her concern lies in the excessive smoking habits exhibited by many men.

She points out that a significant number of these men seem unable to function without smoking, incorporating it into various aspects of their daily routine such as before meals and immediately upon waking up, without taking breaks.

The woman advises that these individuals reconsider their smoking habits and explore alternative, more productive activities.

She emphasizes the potential negative impact on their lives, particularly when they have children and continue the habit.

Watch the video below:-


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