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Kenyan Cult Leader Charged with 191 Murders: Shocking Details Unveiled - 108 Views

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Kenyan Cult Leader Charged with 191 Murders: Shocking Details Unveiled

Paul Mackenzie, a cult leader in Kenya, faces murder charges after authorities discovered over 400 bodies buried in shallow graves in a remote eastern forest. Mackenzie and 29 others have pleaded not guilty in a Malindi court, with survivors recounting horrifying tales of coercion and brutality.

The cult leader, already facing charges of terror, child cruelty, and torture, allegedly compelled followers, including Neema (not her real name), to fast, claiming it would lead them to “go see Jesus.” The court heard accounts of victims potentially succumbing to various forms of violence, such as strangulation, suffocation, or beatings with blunt objects.

The 30 accused individuals are collectively charged with the murder of 191 people, marking a shocking chapter in the country’s legal history. Neema, a 29-year-old mother of four, expressed fear of Mackenzie, emphasizing her reluctance to ever encounter him again.

Neema, a former follower of the Good News International Church in Malindi, detailed her experience after the church’s closure in 2019. She and other members followed Mackenzie to Shakahola, a forest 70km west of Malindi, in 2022. The once sparsely populated area is now under 24-hour police guard, declared a crime scene with restricted access.

Worshippers initially traveled to Shakahola freely, but according to survivors, they were later confined against their will from late 2022. Neema, pregnant with her fourth child, revealed she was held captive, and guards subjected women to repeated acts of sexual violence.

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