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Lukashenko Announces Bid for 2025 Presidency Amidst Controversial Election - 41 Views

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Lukashenko Announces Bid for 2025 Presidency Amidst Controversial Election

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko has declared his intention to run for president once again in 2025, according to reports from Belarusian state news agency BelTA. The announcement comes in the wake of parliamentary and local council elections, which the United States criticized as a sham, leading to heightened tensions.

Lukashenko, a prominent figure in Belarusian politics since 1994, revealed his decision after casting his vote. In response to criticism from the U.S., Belarus’s top election official dismissed the accusations, urging Washington to focus on its internal matters.

Speaking to journalists, Lukashenko addressed the exiled opposition, stating, “Tell them I’ll run. No responsible president would abandon those who followed him into battle.”

The 69-year-old leader, known for his close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, faced backlash for permitting the Kremlin to utilize Belarusian territory for the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Lukashenko acknowledged the potential for change while emphasizing the collective response of society to evolving circumstances in the upcoming presidential election in 2025.

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