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Mali Initiates National Peace Dialogue After Pulling out the of 2015 Deal with Rebels - 170 Views

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Mali Initiates National Peace Dialogue After Pulling out the of 2015 Deal with Rebels

Mali’s junta has taken step towards national reconciliation by establishing a committee to organize a comprehensive peace dialogue. This significant move comes in the aftermath of the junta’s decision to annul a crucial 2015 peace agreement with northern separatist groups, following months of heightened tensions.

The 2015 peace deal, brokered in Algeria, aimed at restoring stability in northern Mali through negotiations between the Malian government and predominantly Tuareg armed groups. However, recent hostilities prompted the junta to reconsider the agreement, emphasizing a shift towards domestic discussions to address internal challenges.

Military-appointed Prime Minister Choguel Kokalla Maiga affirmed this stance, stating, “There will be no negotiations outside Bamako. We will no longer… go to a foreign country to speak about our problems,” in a video shared on social media on Friday.

The unraveling of the Algerian-brokered deal began last year, marked by fighting between separatists and Mali government troops in August. The unrest emerged after eight years of relative calm, with both sides seeking to fill the void left by the withdrawal of United Nations peacekeepers.

Mali’s military leaders, who assumed power in a 2020 coup, further escalated tensions by ordering the departure of the UN’s MINUSMA mission in June, citing allegations of “fuelling community tensions.” Additionally, the country severed ties with former colonial power France, turning to Russia for political and military support in the fight against jihadist insurgents.

As Mali navigates these complex dynamics, the initiation of a national peace dialogue signals a commitment to finding domestic solutions to internal conflicts. The international community will closely observe these developments, hopeful for a sustainable and inclusive peace process that addresses the root causes of instability in Mali.

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