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“My son is very ungrateful”- Dad says as son rejects shoes he bought him [VIDEO] - 185 Views

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“My son is very ungrateful”- Dad says as son rejects shoes he bought him [VIDEO]

A dad has went to social media to express his displeasure with the pair of school shoes he purchased for his son and was turned down.

In a tweet, @Life_After_18 slammed his kid, labeling him ungrateful.

The irate man said that he purchased the shoes with his money.

His tweet stated, : “My son is very ungrateful! This morning he refused to wear these school shoes which I bought for him with my hard earned money.”

His message went viral on social media, receiving 6k likes and over 2.7k retweets as netizens expressed their comments.

People joked about how the shoes appeared.

Many people felt the shoes looked strange.

@kingvegan101 said: “I don’t blame him, these are ugly bro. Why would you do this to him smh.”

@DjDukesta said: “If my dad bought me these I would demand a paternity test because ain’t no way that’s my dad.”

@AGINAS said: “This one wey look like una presido forehead…if na u, u go wear am?”

@AgriGrowthBuzz said: “But kids will disappoint you. How can he say no to Balenciaga? I’m disappointed.”

@BongiweGambu said: “Even the model on that pamphlet looks unhappy. They look sore and in excruciating pain.”

@dadyMAKK said: “I would try them out I hope they produced em in small quantities I like limited editions, so that I don’t bump into somebody donning em.”

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