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Nigerian lady goes Indian for her wedding ceremony - 220 Views

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Nigerian lady goes Indian for her wedding ceremony

In a surprising and culturally rich celebration, a Nigerian lady has captivated many by infusing an Indian theme into her wedding ceremony.

The delightful video capturing the event was shared on an Instagram page, dbou_novelette, exclusively dedicated to documenting the uniqueness of their wedding festivities.

The bride, radiating enthusiasm, donned an exquisite Indian bridal ensemble, while her husband, a doctor, looked dashing in traditional Indian attire.

The beautiful couple.

They made sure the Indian theme was very predominant and some of their guests could be seen wearing Indian clothing.

The wedding was held in their hometown, Gusau in Zamfara.

Some reactions to the video

the.obii stated: “If you complain about this then you don’t have sense respectfully cause English wedding isn’t our own too..”

diamonds_and_silver asked: “Lol how did she convince a grown man to do this?”

ceeceeitua said: “She done too watch zee world tire”

that_urhobo_pride wrote: “So they actually put aside the precious way of marrying in their culture, just to fulfill the foreigners dreams 🤣🤣 im even ashamed of the elders in their community for supporting this taboo of a wedding 🙌🙌”

ykateys added: “For your mind now, u be Sunita Abi pretaa 😂😂 anyways congratulations🎉”

Watch video below

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