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Nigerian man allegedly denied Canada study visa after officials saw N100m as his POF - 207 Views

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Nigerian man allegedly denied Canada study visa after officials saw N100m as his POF

A Nigerian techie living abroad has recommended against presenting excessive money as proof of wealth, citing a man’s sad experience.

@muvey10 recounted how a man in one of her groups spoke out about being refused a Canadian study visa despite having N100 million in evidence of funding.

In a TikTok video, the technician described visa applications as storytelling and chastised the guy for submitting N100 million as proof of finances for a study visa.

According to her, visa authorities are people who will refuse or approve an application based on possibilities.

She stated that the candidate must explain his or her tale persuasively.

“You have N100 million in your account. The question is, how is that money in your account?” she quizzed while admonishing people on the dangers of an excess prof of funds.

According to the country’s official website, applicants for a Canada study visa must have at least 20,635 CAD (N13.9 million) as evidence of money starting January 1, 2024.

Check out some of the reactions selected here.

Chosen ify Snr said: “It doesn’t make sense having such amount and using it to apply for study permit. There are other route the person should have use. Like bus. Route.”

wisdomumejiego said: “Please how much is currently ok for the POF because I have heard a lot of things about this.”

Paul said: “That 100 million is a red flag how did you manage to come up with such amount you must prove it.”

kelvinclin741 said: “What is the source of your 100m. “Did you explain to immigration office how you made that money.”

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I was denied a Canadian Visa even though i had 105,000 Canadian dollars in my acvount #japa #studypermitcanada #studyincanada #relocation #movetocanada #fypシ #relocatetocanada

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