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OPay Drives Innovations, Boosts Security Features To Secure Users’ Funds - 185 Views

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OPay Drives Innovations, Boosts Security Features To Secure Users’ Funds

In an era heavily reliant on digital solutions, ensuring financial security is of utmost importance. OPay, Nigeria’s leading mobile money platform, has announced a robust set of security enhancements to safeguard users’ funds in this dynamic landscape.

Recognized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and honored with the consumer choice award by ADVAN, OPay operates as a licensed Mobile Money Operator (MMO) under the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), adhering to the highest regulatory standards. User deposits are also protected by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), offering the same insurance coverage as traditional banks, providing a double layer of protection against unforeseen circumstances.

In addition to regulatory safeguards, OPay has actively introduced innovative features to empower users with direct control over their financial security. The 955131# USSD short code allows users to instantly lock their OPay account in case of a lost or stolen mobile phone, preventing unauthorized transactions and ensuring peace of mind. The *955*132# USSD code provides immediate control to lock the OPay card with a single dial.

Protecting user data from phishing attacks and scams is equally crucial. OPay is committed to raising user awareness through regular SMS and in-app notifications, emphasizing the importance of never disclosing One-Time Passwords (OTPs). OPay encourages a vigilant community against fraudulent activities by empowering users with knowledge.

Dauda Gotring, the Managing Director of OPay, emphasized, “At OPay, users’ financial security is our top priority. Through comprehensive regulatory compliance, innovative security features, and ongoing user education, we are establishing a digital banking ecosystem where users can transact with confidence.”

To provide an additional layer of protection, OPay’s advanced fraud detection system actively monitors suspicious activities. If a potential scam is identified, the system triggers an immediate double-confirmation alert before any transaction occurs. This pause empowers users to verify recipient and transaction details, effectively preventing scams before any damage is done, acting as a vigilant financial guard in the digital marketplace.

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