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Russia and Ukraine Engage in Air Attacks Following Warship Incident - 92 Views

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Russia and Ukraine Engage in Air Attacks Following Warship Incident

Russia and Ukraine exchanged air attacks, intensifying hostilities after Kyiv claimed responsibility for sinking a Russian warship off the coast of Crimea. The developments unfolded on Thursday, with Moscow targeting cities across Ukraine and Kyiv striking the Russian border city of Belgorod.

The exchange resulted in reported injuries and damage in various Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv, Lviv, and Zaporizhzhia. Infrastructure facilities bore the brunt of the attacks launched by Russia early on Thursday. In a retaliatory move, Kyiv targeted Belgorod, leading to casualties and significant damage in the Russian city.

Russian authorities confirmed five fatalities and 18 injuries in the missile strike on Belgorod, with seven homes sustaining damage. This escalation of violence comes amidst heightened tensions between the two nations. Kyiv’s strategic targeting of Belgorod, near the border with northeast Ukraine, reflects a calculated effort to bring the conflict closer to the Russian people, potentially impacting domestic support for Russia’s military actions.

The situation remains fluid, with concerns growing about the humanitarian impact and the potential for further escalation. The international community watches closely as both sides navigate this precarious and volatile situation.

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