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Taliban Orders Public Execution of Two Men in Afghanistan - 41 Views

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Taliban Orders Public Execution of Two Men in Afghanistan

In a public execution ordered by the Taliban, two men, Syed Jamal from central Wardak province and Gul Khan from Ghazni, were shot dead at a stadium in Afghanistan. The execution was carried out by relatives of individuals who were killed in separate stabbing attacks. The Taliban’s Supreme Court held Jamal and Khan responsible for the deaths, although it remained unclear whether they were directly involved in the stabbings.

Thousands of spectators gathered outside the stadium in the Ali Lala area of Ghazni to witness the execution. Religious scholars attempted to intervene, urging the victims’ families to forgive the accused men. Despite these pleas, the executions commenced, with 15 bullets fired at the accused—eight at one and seven at the other.

Supreme Court spokesman Abdul Rahim Rashid revealed that the two men were shot from behind during the execution. Following the incident, their bodies were transported away by ambulances. The public execution underscores the Taliban’s use of harsh punishments and raises concerns about human rights in the region.

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