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Tragedy Unfolds as Massive Fire Engulfs Residential Buildings in Valencia, Spain - 67 Views

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Tragedy Unfolds as Massive Fire Engulfs Residential Buildings in Valencia, Spain

A devastating fire has claimed the lives of at least nine people in Valencia, Spain, as flames ripped through two residential buildings. The city was plunged into grief as emergency services worked tirelessly to control the blaze and rescue residents.

Initial reports from the city’s mayor, Maria Jose Catala, indicated that ten people had lost their lives. However, one person previously thought to be among the deceased is now considered missing. Desperate searches are ongoing for at least 14 individuals yet to be located.

Among those missing are a young couple with their toddler and a two-week-old baby. Distressed residents shared that the family sought refuge in their bathroom, sending messages to friends about their dire situation.

The fire, which started in one block of flats, quickly spread to an adjacent building. The intense blaze resulted in injuries for at least 13 people, including six firefighters, who suffered burns, fractures, and smoke inhalation.

Despite hours of efforts by firefighters, the exterior of the buildings had to be cooled down before attempts to enter could be made. The incident has left the community in shock, with ongoing investigations to determine the cause of the tragic fire.

As Valencia mourns the lives lost and anxiously awaits news of the missing, the aftermath of this devastating incident underscores the challenges faced by emergency services in responding to such catastrophic events.

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