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U.S. Set to Impose ‘Major Sanctions’ on Russia Over Navalny’s Death - 105 Views

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U.S. Set to Impose ‘Major Sanctions’ on Russia Over Navalny’s Death

President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that the United States will unveil a significant package of sanctions against Russia on Friday in response to the death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and Russia’s actions in the two-year Ukraine war.

Although Biden did not provide specific details, he assured reporters that further information about the sanctions would be disclosed on Friday.

White House national security spokesperson John Kirby emphasized that the sanctions aim to “hold Russia accountable for what happened to Mr. Navalny” and its conduct throughout the ongoing Ukraine war. The United States is urging Russia to provide “complete transparency” regarding the circumstances of Navalny’s death at an Arctic penal colony.

Kirby emphasized that, despite Russia’s narrative, the responsibility for Navalny’s death lies with President Vladimir Putin and his government.

The U.S. embassy in Moscow is actively seeking more information about Navalny’s death, acknowledging the challenges in obtaining reliable details from Russian authorities.

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