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Ukraine Deploys Elite Third Assault Brigade to Avdiivka as Russia Advances - 103 Views

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Ukraine Deploys Elite Third Assault Brigade to Avdiivka as Russia Advances

Ukraine has urgently dispatched battle-hardened reserve fighters from its esteemed Third Assault Brigade to the besieged town of Avdiivka in response to Russia’s intensified efforts to capture it after months of relentless fighting.

Renowned for its assault infantry, the Third Assault Brigade played a pivotal role in last summer’s counteroffensive in eastern Ukraine, notably participating in the battle of Bakhmut, where it successfully resisted Russian forces for an extended period before succumbing in May of the previous year. In a statement on the Telegram messenger, the brigade described the situation in Avdiivka as “hell,” emphasizing the immediate need for reinforcement to support Kyiv’s troops battling there.

The brigade reported that Russian forces were actively rotating their troops around Avdiivka, deploying additional forces and equipment to the town. The situation was described as extremely critical at the time of the brigade’s intervention. The brigade asserted that it conducted a raid against Russian forces in parts of Avdiivka, inflicting significant casualties. However, Reuters could not independently verify these statements.

Avdiivka has been under intense pressure from Russian forces since October, surrounded on three sides, with limited resupply routes available to Ukrainian troops holding their ground. The heightened tension has sparked speculation that Russia aims to capture the town before the upcoming presidential election next month, where Vladimir Putin is expected to secure re-election. The unfolding situation remains a cause for concern as the conflict in Eastern Europe intensifies.

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