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US Senate Proceeds Cautiously on TikTok Divestiture Bill - 24 Views

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US Senate Proceeds Cautiously on TikTok Divestiture Bill

Several U.S. senators are advocating for a deliberate approach in evaluating a House of Representatives bill aimed at compelling Chinese-based ByteDance to divest the popular short video app TikTok within six months or face a ban.

The House passed the bill with a vote of 352-65, just eight days after its introduction. While there is consensus in the Senate regarding the need to address national security concerns posed by foreign apps like TikTok, there is no agreement on the appropriate course of action.

Senate Commerce Committee chair Maria Cantwell expressed her preference for legislation that comprehensively addresses concerns about foreign apps, ensuring its viability in court. She indicated that the House bill may not go far enough and suggested the possibility of holding hearings to explore alternative options.

Senator Ron Wyden, a prominent Democrat on tech issues, highlighted his ongoing review of the House bill and voiced reservations about any app that could potentially compromise Americans’ private data to the Chinese government. He emphasized the importance of avoiding hasty legislative decisions in the realm of technology and social media.

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz, the leading Republican on the Commerce Committee, advocated for an open “full amendment process” for the bill, which could lead to significant delays in its implementation. This cautious approach reflects the Senate’s commitment to thorough deliberation on the matter.

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