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(Video) Israel-Hamas war live: ‘No water or fuel’ For Gaza Until Captives Are Free - 261 Views

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Israel-Hamas war live No water or fuel for Gaza until captives freed

The Israeli prime minister says they will be no electricity, fuel or humanitarian aid that will be allowed into Gaza until Hamas releases all captives held.

As the war continues, Israel continued to pummel Gaza with air raids, killing dozens of Gaza people, including nine children in the city of Khan Younis died.

Officials in Gaza including their ministers say the enclave faces humanitarian catastrophe with the territory’s only power plant shutting down due to a lack of fuel.

Israeli Prime Minister known as Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to “destroy” Hamas following the armed group’s surprise attack as he announced an emergency unity government with opposition leader Benny Gantz.

The death toll in Gaza now stands at more than 1,200 as of now, while the number of people killed in Israel has reached 1,300 as of now.

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