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Welsh Farmer and Critic of Agriculture Proposals Receives Death Threats - 55 Views

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Welsh Farmer and Critic of Agriculture Proposals Receives Death Threats

Gareth Wyn Jones, a prominent farmer opposing the controversial funding proposals for Welsh agriculture, has reported receiving death threats. The threats, which he describes as the “fourth or the fifth” directed at him and his family, have raised concerns about the escalating tensions surrounding the proposed subsidy scheme.

In a video shared on X, Wyn Jones expressed his dismay at the threats, emphasizing that regardless of political beliefs, it is unjust to endanger people and their families. He revealed the toll the threats have taken on him, stating, “I think I will really have to step back a little bit. I have to think about my family.”

Wyn Jones was part of a group of farmers who met with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak outside the Welsh Conservative Conference to voice their apprehensions about the proposed sustainable farming scheme. The scheme aims to replace the basic payment scheme and requires farmers to meet specific environmental targets to receive government financial support, including a mandate to plant trees on 10% of their land.

While the tree-planting requirement is conditional based on land suitability, farming unions express concerns about the potential impact on the industry’s future. The death threats against Wyn Jones highlight the intense debate surrounding these proposals and the need for constructive dialogue in addressing the challenges faced by the agricultural sector.

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