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7 Popular Things to Do When Visiting New York’s Central Park with Your Family

The residents of New York regard Central Park as their own unique playground. They are proud of this green space in the heart of their metropolis.It has breathtaking lawns, fabulous fountains, diverse varieties of trees, convenient picnic spots and walking paths. They say it brings them closer to nature. These individuals always make it a point to visit the place whenever they get the opportunity. They even encourage foreign tourists to do the same thing.  No wonder it is a popular attraction.This is why you should include it in your itinerary if you plan to visit the city.

What can you expect to do when visiting Central Park?

Experts say tourists always have plenty to do when they visit Central Park regardless of the seasons. They can witness once in a lifetime summer concertor popular theatrical performances. They don’t get this opportunity in any other part of the world. Such professionals go on to point out the following7 important activities they can participate in:

  1. Take a boat ride on the lake

Tourists can take a romantic ride on a boat for a nominal sum of money. The view of the lake around Loeb Boathouse won’t fail to impress them. Some may even experience the joys of traveling on a gondola. They can imagine traveling along the waterways of Venice.


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Moreover, these individuals happen to feel hungry during the journey; they can go toa popular restaurant nearby. The establishment serves a wide range of seafood to suit their appetite. It also has a very good selection of wines. They may have to dig deep into their pockets to pay for the meals. However, they won’t regret taking the decision.

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  1. Go on a trek

New York’s Central Park has approximately 36 acres of the endless stream, human-made waterfalls,and winding trails. It is perfect for people who love to go on a long trek their near and dear ones. Along the way, they are able to see some amazing structures. These include Belvedere Castle which is a replica of a medieval palace. From its balconies, they are able to see popular landmarks. These include Delacorte Theater, Turtle Pond and the Great Lawn. The experts also explain that people can even take their children to Henry Luce Nature Observatory. Through establishments’ microscopes, they can see the human-made skeletons of 230 species of birds.


  1. Stroll along sheep meadow

Many people who love to relax or stroll along lush green fields on warm summer days. You mayhappen to be one of them. If this is the case, then you should visit Central Park’s sheep meadow. You won’t regret taking the decision. You can find this 15-acrepastoral fields in the southwestern corner. You even come across families have a picnic, children throwing frisbees, attempting handstands and guitarists. It is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. However, many experts suggest you should arrive in the areas by 11 am. Only then canyou expect to get a reasonably good spot.


  1. Admire the view of The Mall

If you have a liking for native American Elms trees, then you shouldn’t forget to visit The Mall. In this place, you can leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you. There won’t be a single skyscraper to ruin the view. You can take a long stroll along the pathway to watch performers entertaining their audience. Some tourists even opt to take a bike ride. You can probably do the same thing. Bike rental Central Park experts say you’ll find a number of reliable service providers who charge reasonable rates. You can easily choose one who suits your needs and pocket.

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  1. Visit the statue of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with your children

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You may happen to be an ardent fan of Lewis Carroll’s novels. It comes as no surprise to anyone if you encourage your children to read such books. If this the case, you visit the bronze statues of writer’s characters in his masterpiece ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ George Delacorte made these figures for the children of the city after the death of his wife. It has been a permanent feature of Central Park since 1959.You’ll probably have a hard time stopping your kids climbing up such structures. However, they can’t deny the fact that they have a very good time enjoying themselves.


  1. Enjoy the charms of Conservatory Garden

If you have a penchant for traditional European garden, you don’t have to fly to the Continent. You can enjoy the same experience in Central Park’s Conservatory Garden. The flora, beautiful fountains, hedges and impressive walkways of 6-acre area won’t fail to captivate you. You’ll feel as if you are in paradise when you visit this place.You also notice 3 distinct styles people normally associate with the French, British,and Italians. In fact, many couples take photo shoots of themselves in this place after tying the knot.


  1. Take a ride of ponies on the carousel

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If you want to revisit your childhood, you shouldn’t miss come to the Friedsam Memorial Carousel. This is a major tourist attraction of Central Park since 1950s. You can take a trip down memory lane by riding on one of the wooden ponies. You won’t fail to hear organ music in the background to give an old-world charm. Your kids may even adore the place.However, you can expect very long queues, stalls of popcorn, hotdog carts and the occasional crabby children.

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New York has plenty of landmarks and attractions for tourists. However, none them can match the appeal and popularity of Central Park.No wonder people from different parts of the worldmake it a prominent feature in their itinerary. Some even come back for a second time.Bike rental Central Park professionals say you should be doing the same thing. You’ll have plenty of activities to take participate in along with your family members. The above 7 important ones should help you come to a decision in this regard. You won’t have any regrets take it.  After all, you can only spend quality time with near ones during the holidays.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is a leading blog writer and expert travel photographer. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to Travel, Food, Lifestyle, and Photography etc.

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