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8 Fascinating Ways To Skyrocket Your Keyword On Search Engine First Page

Since everyone want their blog to be on first page of search engine which is one of the dream every blogger will be happy for.

Ranking a keyword on search engine first page is one of the best way to go viral and or earn more sales but the tragedy involves in it are such a thing we should first of all consider before deeping in and those things are:

* Patient i will love to acknowledge you to patient if you will love to make those things work for you just like the saying goes “Patient is a Virtue”.

* Time And Hard Work : Ranking a keyword on search engine first page on your first start may take time but depending on how hardworking you are, just like me, most especially, “My working time is my competitors sleeping time.” That should be on your schedule and always follow your schedule if you want to beat your competitor.

How To Rank Your Blog Keyword On Search Engine First Page Using This 8 Simple Step

It is likely for us to know that is not gonna be easy and not to consider 100% good result most especially if you are trying to rank a popular keywords but following this ultimate step will surely makes you rank any keyword be it popular or not.

STEP 1 [one]

* Lay Your Foundation : This is my first step because you should always know that to start on a solid foundation. To rank a keyword, you must make sure that you and your blog is fully ready to fight and win your competitors either by force or by peace.

How To Rank A Keyword Before Your Competitors

: These are the foundation which we are going to discuss very well which are:

Note : Please kindly note that in my lecture, i love teaching deeply and i make sure i explained everything you should know so that you will easily understand them.

i) A Blog Or A Website : It is most likely for us to make sure that we have a blog or a website of our own or for a or the client which we will use to rank our keywords.

Strong Network : In order to rank on search engine we must make consider using a strong network which i called


. A good host must always make sure your blog is always online and each time search engine bot comes in, it will be able and easy to crawl those keywords since your blog is online and not offline, meanwhile on my other post i talked about the

Top 10 Best Hosting Company In 2018 And Their Reviews

[Click Here] To Read.

* Daily Content : It is likely or a must for us to post daily than our competitor so as it could be easy to rank on search engine and it is recommended for us to post an article and the keywords which we want to rank before our competitors.

Why Should We Post Daily And Why Must We Post Before Our Competitors

That should be one of the most common question i’ve been hearing and getting from my mail the moment i posted half of this article here, is either the questions are coming from a newbies or from expert only the sender can say; Answer – Posting daily on your blog makes you get daily traffic from automated shared site like from facebook, twitter, pininterest, stumbledupon if only we auto shared our blog rss feed and posting daily also tells search engine bot that our blog have new content most especially those using wordpress which auto ping the search engines. Therefore, posting a content with keyword before our competitor’s is also a great idea which we must do before our competitor takes notice because we can easily rank on search engine first page before them if only we read this tutorial finished and put into practise.

* Domain Power : domain power is also referred as backlink but both has different functions or mean in terms of blogging.
Nowadays Backlink is now count as part of the easy to rank on search engine but people mistake the use of Backlink alot

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And that people are those who look over the number Backlink for instance, see a blog on Alexa rank with 40 Backlink, if the blog has 40 Backlink linking to the blog from the look of Alexa and if that Backlink has no quality that mean the blog is worthless therefore that’s how we get Domain Power

Domain Power is more essential in our blog and if our blog has less domain power then we lack lot of thing.

Now Domain Power Vs Backlink

I’d rather choose Domain power over Backlink because the count of back links are worthless but never underestimate me over choosing domain power because both are the same but domain power worth a lot

Now I know you guys might have heard of DA, PR, TF, CF etc and also know about the moz tool or any relevant one, now looking at the moz tool Backlink checker, that DA and PR is part of domain power am talking of

How do I get quality domain power?

Not just domain power but quality domain power is a great lift of your blog and such example is when you get a Backlink from a quality blog, like for example, the .edu .gov or from high blogs like Forbes or so on

Now how do I get such?

Talking of not spending to get domain power, that’s when we make use of the highlited list above which is PATIENT and WORK HARD
Getting a domain power to rank easily on search engine is not a day job but with patient and hard work you may be the next Neil or sir harsh of shoutmeloud
Let’s get deeper over the domain power
They few or more ways to get those rocking domain power but now let’s talk about the most important one which is from a dofollow process

Note that do follow Backlink are more far better in terms of seo so for us not to waste time lets get to know more which are:

One thing you should have know is avoid pasting your link on a comment because it maybe seen as a spam by search engine and is gonna affect your blog now or later
They are two best ways to get the best which are.

1: CommentLuv

2: KeywordLuv

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* Perfect Your Onpage Seo : You should make sure that you have thoroughly done with your onpage seo settings of your blog, Therefore complete and advance SEO [Search Engine Optimization] tutorial for beginners to professionals has been discuss fully [here]

STEP 2 (two)


Spy From Your Competitors

: Since you have lay the foundation strong and reliable using the above process, the next to do list is to Spy On Your Competitors to see what and how far they are doing and what ways you can beat and drag them down so as you can lead them after on and such process is what we going to discuss thoroughly below.

* What Keyword Are They Ranking On : You should know what keyword your competitor are ranking on and when you found out, what you should consider doing so as you too can outrank or derank your competitor with that keyword is to use the below factors which i called

Using The Long Tail Keywords To Rank On Search Engine First Page.

How Do I Use Long Tail Keyword To Rank On Search Engine First Page Before My Competitor?


What Is Actually A Long Tail Keywords :

Long tail keyword is a specific phrase which grammatically entells more about your content, they are long in words count and their search result are more easy to get because

78% of global visitors mostly use a long tail keywords than a short tail keywords.

Whats The Difference Between A Short Tail And Long Tail Keywords

Lets look at the example by the table below.

Examples Of A Long Tail Keywords And A Short Tail Keywords Are:
Short Tail Keywords – Long Tail Keywords

Short Tail KeywordLong Tail Keyword
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Those are the few examples between a short tail and long tail keywords, Therefore lets look on how do we find a long tail keywords without cracking our brains.

Top 6 Awesome Tools To Find Long Tail Keywords For Free In 2018 For All Niches

They are bunch of many free tools online which you can use to find long tail keywords but according to my research, they are 6 best free tools to find a long tail keywords and also get their real stats volume which are:

1: Google Keywords Planner


3: Google Autocomplete or Suggestion

4: Seo Squirry

5: SemRush

6: Twinword Ideas

* Link Finder : We are still under spying our competitor, so i use a specific tools to find out where does my competitor getting a backlink from which boost his or her domain authorities, Therefore i make use of seoprofiler to ease the
stress and focus on doing mine.

Keyword Research

do keyword research so as you can easily know the volume of result is the keyword which you are trying to rank and can be able to rank that keyword easily. Therefore this step can be done by using the above step where i talked about long tail keyword and the tools listed. Meanwhile, when doing keyword research, make sure you select the long tail keywords with good volume but not too much volume because you can be penalized by the search engine algorithm [SEA].

* Make sure you choose a keyword [Long Tail Keyword] that is relevant to your niche or business.

STEP 4 (4)

* Optimized Your Keywords By optimizing your keywords, that tells that you are going ahead in ranking those keywords of yours. Make sure you also add image [The image must have an ALT Description] in your content because it can easily be indexed and bring sone good tones of traffic too.

STEP 5 (5)

Published Out Your Keyword
Since you have written a wonderful content with that your specific keyword, its high time you published that content so as they can go viral.

STEP 6 (six)

* Ping Your Keywords – Make sure that you are fond of pinging your keyword after you have published it because this can be a handing helpful process and faster and easy way to rank your keyword on search engine.

* Promote The Keyword – Promote the keyword by promoting the content either through paid advert, social media or build link to the content because this is also helpful when it comes to ranking and traffc tricks.

STEP 7 (seven)

* Analyzed Your Keywords – It may take some time before you can see the result of the keyword which you are trying to rank on and that can be seen using

keyword rank checker tool

which i’ve deeply explained about on my previous post and note that you can still use seoprofiler to check your keyword ranking status.

STEP 8 (eight)

Writing this keyword ranking tutorial took me hours to complete the writeup, kindly share this article with your fellow bliggers and everyone for free using the social share button below or above. Therefore, your question and comment are welcomed as i will gladly respond to them.

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