Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

9 Maxi Dresses Every Women Need In This Season

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The rules for the perfect maxi dress are pretty simple: It must flatter endlessly, can be paired with everything, and must look hot. And, of course, it has to be long-lasting and affordable.

Flattering waistlines, timeless comfort, and feminine style is everything a hot summer weather demands. These fine-looking demands of the hot season can be full-filled by nothing other than casual maxi dresses.

Unfortunately, these forever classics are thrown back into the wardrobe, waiting for the perfect beach party. But, hey, maxi dresses are not entitled to just beaches. Style it right and it can be your next chic fling for a city stroll or even a black-tie affair.

As a proof, we rounded some of the all-time classic maxi dresses, which are already doing round among our favorite celebrities. If the following six dresses aren’t in your wardrobe, you are one step closer to discovering what you are really missing. Add these dresses to your wardrobe, and you’ll never have nothing to wear again.

1. Printed Beach Maxi Dress
Nothing says summer quite like a printed maxi dress. It’s an all-time favorite and no one could have flaunted it in more confidence than AnnaLynne McCord. Her way of accessorizing the multicolor flower print maxi dress is chic and cool. She did it all with a simple statement bag, long hanging necklace and statement hairs.

While she chose white and pink flowery print, you can go for any color of your choice like this one here. It’s a red cotton maxi dress that can be paired with a long boho necklace and a black hat.

2. Black Maxi Dress
Even when the first look at an oversize dress can be questionable, the Olsen Twins make it look like a must-have. Ashley Olsen makes her black voluminous dress pitch perfect with flat sandals and a functional bag. Adding oversized shades on to it makes it just the right thing for day wear.

While she chose black as her color, you feel free to choose a color of your choice. And, if you want to stick to a black oversized dress, here we have the perfect option. Tie a statement belt and pair it with a big tote bag.

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3. Cozy Everyday Maxi Dress
We got serious style envy for Selma Blair who shows her baby bumps like a total diva. She wore a wide-strap maxi dress with a statement bag and chunky sandals.

Our whole point is you don’t have to stop looking sexy even if you are pregnant and these dress options here is all that you need.

4. The Classic Lace Dress
Moments are rear when a lace maxi dress doesn’t have to look like a bridal get up. You can take some tips from the effortlessly cool maxi dress of Mischa Barton. She wore her white lace dress on a beach and what made it different from the traditional dresses is the black western hat and boho necklace.

The pink lace dress here could be your next big fling and you can definitely rock it the way you want. Pick some traditional boho necklaces and wear beachy slippers, to make it look like a casual maxi dress.

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5. Caftan Maxi Dress
Invest in a caftan maxi dress like Elle Fanning did and you are never going to regret it. She wore her white and yellow printed caftan dress with mules and a 70s style shades.

Well, her looks were perfect, but if you are planning to wear something the same, we would recommend going for sandals and some boho style necklaces. A happening option for you could be this yellow kaftan maxi dress.

6. The Perfect Event Wear
Who said that maxi dresses are just for beaches? When Rachel Joe showed on the Empathy Rocks Event in a cute white maxi dress, no one thought so. She accessorized it with golden three layer necklace and beige wedges, leaving the audiences awestruck.

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Invest in your casual white maxi dress from Eva Trends and pair it with high-heels. This can be your go-to outfit for every occasion.

7. Nicely Layered Maxi Dress
Another great way to pair a maxi dress is by layering it with denim or any jacket. For evening affair or formal event, have a floor-length dress tailored to accentuate your body? Choose a flattering print or color and layer it with a denim jacket. Plus points if you can create a different look each time, just by switching accessories!

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The black casual maxi dress here could be your next best friend, just layer it rightly can you can have fun wearing it.

8. A Formal Work Wear
While we love casual maxi dresses, not all are same and must be chosen carefully when it comes to work wear. We recommend maxi dress in an A-line fit as it flares out at the waist rather than hugging the hips and flaring at knees. See the way Olivia Palermo has pulled her looks. She outstands her workwear by simply pairing a white maxi dress with long coat and a statement bag.

To get it right, buy a maxi-dress and pair it with a blazer or a overcoat. Rather than over accessorizing it, keep it simple with a statement work bag. You can do the same trick with jumpsuits for women.

9. A Casual Halter Dress
The halter dress is forever in style, versatile and come in all sorts of dresses, including the forever favorite maxi dress. Those who want to bring their toned shoulders in the spotlight, halter maxi dresses will work the best. And, even those who want to fake a well-shaped shoulder, there isn’t a better option than halter maxis.

This allows for a more comfortable and flattering silhouette that you’ll feel free to move in. The longer length makes this dress ideal for casual to semi-formal events but flexible fit and fabric will make you feel like you’re lounging at home.

Eva Trends have a complete collection of casual maxi dresses and jumpsuits for women. Whatever be your shape and size, you will get your perfect fit right here. So, be the fashionista that you always wanted to be with Eva Trends.

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