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How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Account In Nigeria (Troubleshooting Phone Verification Now Fixed)

Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria, India
Amazon Affiliate Verification In Nigeria –

Amazon affiliate program is one of the best relevant alternative to google adsense for publishers to make money online but the main aspect of amazon affiliate program as a publisher deals when a product is been bought from the publisher amazon affiliate portal, a good percentage of commission will be shared from the amazon affiliate manager and the publisher.

    However, due to the passive income earn on the amazon affiliate program, some specific country are restricted to the inability to successfully create an account on the amazon affiliate when it comes to verification through the “Call” to verify phone verification process. Therefore, here comes the solution that will enable you to verify your amazon affiliate account in Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Ghana, South Africa or be it any country aside from the United State, United Kingdom, China but first, lets look at the requirement needed that will make you to successfully verified your amazon affiliate account.

Required Items You Needed So As To Successfully Verified Your Amazon Affiliate Or Associate Account

i) An Android Phone: You need to have android phone or you can as well borrow one from someone, so as tou can use it in the process, though is not gonna take much of your time but for now android phone is important when it comes to verifying your amazon associate account.

ii) Laptop: Be it Pc, Laptop, Desktop, Computer or whatever thing you may call it, it is also an important required item neeeded

iii) Fast And Reliable Internet Or Server Connection: it is recommended that your android device and laptop has fast and reliable internet connection in loading so as to avoid internet connection error or not getting or receiving call from the amazon affiliate registration page on your mobile phone

iv) Text Plus App (Or any reliable or alternative app to text plus)

v) Zenmate VPN App

vi) Valid Email Account

How To Successfully Setup Amazon Affiliate Or Associate Account In Nigeria – The Quick And Easy Guide

Finding it difficulty on verifying your amazon affiliate account through the call to verify? here comes the solution to the verifcation error for those restricted country like Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana, India and lot more.

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Complete Tutorial For Amazon Affiliate Registration And Verification Process

Firstly i will like to teach you from the basic start on how to create an amazon affiliate or associate account but if incase you’ve done that and remaining to verify your account, kindly scroll down Asap.

1: Visit the amazon affiliate website for publusher and sign up for your own publisher account Click Here to signup

2: Remember to fill out all the required item needed from you (The required item are seen with the asteric sign which is *)

3: Now here comes the verification aspect, if you hereby notice this that you are unable to receive call from the amazon affiliate verification page so as you can verify your identity using your phone number, in other to verify that successfully, now here comes the help of using Text Plus and Zenmate VPN app which i’d mentioned already above.

How To Use Text Plus App To Verify Your Amazon Affiliate Or Associate Account In Three (3) Minutes In Nigeria

Whats Text Plus? – Text plus in general is a free calling and free unlimited texting app only accessible  for the Europe country like the United State, Canada, United Kingdom and China and it also allow the access of creating self United State phone number and this app is available only for the America resident.

Top 5 Best Alternative To Text Plus App – Latest, Trending And Popular

* Hangout

* Google Allo

* Telegram

* Text Now

* Disa

How To Use Text Plus App In Nigeria And How To Use Zenmate VPN App Easily

* Firstly you need to download and install the Zenmate VPN app from google playstore (or Click Here to download Zenmate VPN directly on your Android phone), register an account on Zenmate VPN for free and set your location or country to United State.

* Now head over to your android phone (device) setting, click “application”, click “all application” seen at the top right, then look for “Google Playstore” app (which can be seen when you scroll up and down) and click on it.

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* A page will absolutely open up, now click the “Clear Cache Only” button and choose the “Force Stop” button but note that you are not told to click the “Clear Data” button unless you know what you are doing or up to.

* Head over by opening your Google Playstore apo after closing or leaving the previous or above session, a pop up which will show you the google playstore terms and conditions will eventually show up as if you are starting from scratch, now press the “Accept” button. Now, note that you have successfully access the google playstore as a United State resident while leaving in your own country, this process is done because of the use of Zenmate VPN app.

* Click Here to download text plus app for free and install the app on your android phone.

* Open up the text plus app and signup / create an account by filling the appropriate details like your name, email etc. Remember that you maybe asked to verify your text plus account (before you can access the dashboard) through email, so make sure that your email address and account are valid (email can be from nigeria or any country to create a text plus account)

* After the above process, you will be given your own United State verified phone number from text plus and this number is said to be valid and can be use to register any account both for adsense, gmail, facebook, shop to my door, yahoo, twitter etc.

* Now head over back to the amazon affiliate verification page and put in the given valid phone number from text plus and click the ” Call ” to verify button.

* You have successfully join the amazon affiliate program as a publisher either in nigeria, india or pakistan – Great job well done to you and hope to see you on my next tutorial on How to make money on amazon affiliate program using your associate unique ID

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