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Best And Highest Paying Affiliate Companies in Nigeria

Highest Paying Online Affiliate Business in Nigeria That

Best Paying Affiliate Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria is located in western Africa on the Gulf of Guinea and has a total area of 910,770 km2 making it the world’s 32ndlargest country (afterTanzania). Nigeria is the 6th largest country on the continent. Named after the Niger River its are landlocked country and is the largest country in West Africa This is the 7th biggest country in the world by population

Nigeria with a population of over 180 million people,with 62 %youths is a thriving e-commerce market.Based on the data from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), mobile network coverage is currently estimated at 77 per cent on the basis of 185 million as the country’s population.
Currently, the e-Commerce market in Nigeria is worth around $13 billion; according to a report by London based Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).Experts in the Nigerian financial service sector have also estimated that Nigeria’s e-commerce market value could rise to $50 billion (N15.45trillion) over the next 10 years.
Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) predicted that the e-commerce sector is expected to contribute about 10 per cent, of a projected N10trillion, to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2018.(source:
With the increasing penetration of internet in Nigeria and across Africa; this is a huge market and the sales volume is bound to continue progressing in the coming years. With thriving e-commerce market entrepreneurial opportunities one of them is affiliate program offered by these online companies.Some one wish to earn money by his or her own affiliate program is a great option in Nigeria.

What is an affiliate Program?

Let us understand what we mean by affiliate program sometimes referred as associate programs also.In affiliate program online companies hire associates called affiliate to promote their business in a kind of referral systemwhere an online merchant web site pays affiliates a commission to send them traffic to their web site.. These affiliate with the help of websites of their own or through SEO practices divert traffic to merchant website and are paid according to a particular agreement.
This agreement is usually based on the number of people the affiliate sends to the merchant’s site, or the number of people they send who buy something or perform some other action. Some arrangements pay according to the number of people who visit the page containing their merchant site’s banner advertisement.
To make it clear , if a link on an affiliate site brings the merchant site traffic or money, the merchant site pays the affiliate site according to their agreement. Having affiliates is an great way to sell products online,,it is a cheap and effective marketing strategy; and companies are benefiting from it world wide,
Affiliate marketing/referral program is a program set up by some companies to recruit sales personnel known as affiliates, who are paid based on the volume of sales made from their referral link.There are at least three parties in an affiliate program transaction:

All affiliate companies have one thing in common; they pay their affiliates a given percentage of their sales volume as commission for their sales.
And for someone with skillset of digital marketing and owning a website can make money out of affiliated program. Any e-commerce website is an potential company for affiliate program. Same is true for Nigeria with a vast young population who are technology savvy ,it’s an great opportunity for the companies as wedll as the affiliates to make it big in the digital era.

Here are the best affiliate programs you can promote as a Nigerian:

Konga Affiliate Programme
Konga ( one best online shop affiliate company in Nigeria, they sell wide range of products for life and living and it’s a perfect place to buy because they accept cash on delivery.Konga is celebrating its 6th anniversary this July 2018
Even if you do not have a website you can promote Konga product through search engines, and social media networks, postings in forums, or by email marketing. All you need to do is to send a visitor to via a special link (called ‘affiliate link’), and if he or she buys anything from us, you will get commission.
Konga affiliate pays up to 9% for apparels and 3% for electronics and other high end products. .
To Join Konga affiliate program you need to register for their affiliate program (

Jumia Affiliate Programme
Jumia ( online Shopping site in Nigeria offers electronics, books, home appliances, kiddies items, fashion items for men, women, and children; cool gadgets, computers, groceries, automobile parts.Cash on delivery is a great option of paying.Jumia offers affiliate program where you can register for free and get approved in 24 hours.Advertise using their wide range of banners, or their deeplink generator.
Jumia affiliates pays commission up to 11%, on all orders a customer makes within30 days from clicking on your ad.
To Join Konga affiliate program you need to register for their affiliate program (

VConnect Affiliate Programme
VConnect( is a conglomerate of business directory and superstore. VConnect helps to hire local professionals for all your service needs. From car repairing towedding planning they provide services for everything, Theyoffer up to 12% commission on successful purchase on her website by affiliates.
To Join VConnect affiliate program you need to register for their affiliate program

WhoGoHost Affiliate Programme
WhoGoHost ( ) is one of the e leading web solutions company, in Nigeria. They provide hosting services,domain services,SSL certification etc.A complete web solution and support. If a client you recommend pays for any of WhoGoHost product/service, affiliate gets as much as 15% of the amount paid
to Join WhoGoHost affiliate program you need to register for their affiliate program

NaijaBet Affiliate Programme
NaijaBet( is a popular Betting affiliate program in Nigeria, The NaijaBet website is a service offered by NaijaBet Limited to provide an exciting avenue for Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike in any part of Africa to take part in sports betting based on the weekly fixtures as published by the Football Association
The NaijaBet affiliate program is for website owners, bloggers and online marketers . When you refer someone to NaijaBet, you get 55% of the net revenue from each person you refer .
To Join WhoGoHost affiliate program you need to register for their affiliate program
( )

There are many others who are offering affiliate programs with good money in Nigeria, Your choice should depend on your skill set,understanding of specific business or kind of network you are having.Just jumping by looking at commission may not work. If affiliate marketing seems a good option, register with these programs and start making money.

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