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Best Way To Ping Your Blog And How It Could Boost Your Traffic

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WordPress Ping List 2019

Ever since the use of pinging a blog came into existence, it has always be useful in terms of boosting our blog search views and traffic in terms of making our keywords rank on search engine first page by letting them know that our blog has been updated with a fresh content or new sitemap has been added or created.

The Usefulness Of Pinging Our Blog And Why Should We Ping Our Blog

The above heading question sound differently but when we come to look at the answer, they are same, so lets look at the question and answer them.

i) It makes it easier and faster for us to rank on search engine

ii) It os easier for us to notify search engine bot about our newly or updated contents or sitemap.

iii) It makes search engine index our blog faster after in which it has been crawl by search engine bot.

How Can We Ping Our Blog

Before we talked about how to ping our blog, they are two (2) main types of pinging a blog which are:

i) Automatic Pinging Method: This method automatically ping our with
the help of XMLC services and that can be found on wrdpress blog which we will talk about later in this tutorial.

ii) Manual Pinging Method: This method can be done manually by we bloggers and sometimes it seems to be difficult. Therefore, we will still know more about it.

How To Ping A WordPress, Blogspot, Forum, Ecommerce Blog Or Website

* How To Ping A WordPress Blog – Even if you post new content or update your wordpress blog, it can never be guarantee that google or any other search engine will crawl or indexed all your blog post or page but with the help of pinging it could also boost your blog traffic because of it organic traffic it will get after in which it has been crawled or indexed by google, bing or any other search engine. Therefore it is easy to setup this process so as it can autoping the search engine each and everytime your wordpress blog changes or updates.

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i) Login your wordpress blog dashboard with the correct administrative login details.

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ii) Click “Menu” at the
left hand side of your wordpress admin dashboard

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iii) Click “Settings” and select “Writing” from the submenu of the “Settings” to open so as you can do or rearrange the ping settings.

iv) Now copy the below list of pinger and paste it at the big box found there

Best WordPress Ping List For Faster indexing On Search Engine – (Gogle, Bing, Yandex)

iv) Now click the “Save Change” button found at the end of the screen.

How To Ping A Blogspot (Blogger) Blog For Faster Indexing – Top 3 Tactic Steps

Pinging a or blog is one of the best way to get your blog faster indexing on search engine and that steps are been discuss below:


Select the “Settings” connect for your blog on the Dashboard. On the off chance that the Essential area doesn’t seem consequently, select the “Fundamental” tab.


Look down to the “Let Web search tools Discover Your Blog” sub-segment.

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Tap the “No” field (which is chosen naturally), or the down bolt beside it, select “Yes” on the menu and afterward look down and tap the “Spare Settings” catch.

Top 32 Best Ping List Online Tools For Faster Indexing Which Will Skyrocket Your Blog On Search Engine – (One Hour Indexing)

SL No.Ping SitesDomain AuthorityAlexa Rank
21Use Me22264,997
27Domain Pinger19,716,704
28Excite Submit44169,578
29Ping My Links20218,170
30Ping My URLs10700,187
31Ping O Matics73,434,339
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How To AutoPing An Ecommerce Website

Ever since the existence of an ecommerce website, they is no autoping tools or softwares that can actually autoping an ecommerce website just like the type of wordpress and blogspot, meanwhile i’ve made lot of research about the solution and found nothing but sincerely a solution was made and found and that solution is little but useful by using the premium version of or any of the above ping list therefore using the premium version of pingler will autoping your ecommerce website every 3 days or depending on the frequency rate which you choose and same process goes to autopinging mybb, xenoforo, smf, phpbb, clickbucket software.

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