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Best WordPress Seo Plugin For Faster Indexing On Search Engine – A Must

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Not knowing the power of seo and it help on blog is just a super waste of time because you’d be blogging for nothing and nothing will happened and thats when you gotta say “Blogging is very hard” or “they is no money in blogging”.

Blogging is not hard and blogging is for everyone but am not gonna go off of this topic because if am to do so, we are going to talked much about blogging and earning online and that may be called off topic by the gurus/expert reading this but meanwhile we will discuss such on how to make money on blogging easily later; Therefore lets focus onto the best free wordpress plugin that will skyrocket too much traffic to your blog and make your blog get index on search engine.

Top 7 WordPress Seo Plugin For Faster Indexing On Search Engine First Page

Seo is now becoming so much broad this days that it could not only boost your ranking but as well as also boost your blogging earning income most especially ranking on search engine first page.

1: Yoast: This is one of the best wordpress seo plugin that has so many seo features that works like super magic when you use the premium version but the free version is also cool and good to use thou you should not compare it with the premium version.

2: Google Xml SItemap: This wordpress plugin auto generate a sitemap link of your blog but ever since you are making use of the wordpress seo by yoast, they is no need to make use of this plugin so as to avoid duplicate sitemap that will praventually affect your blog seo which may lead to misfunction when the search engine bot comes in to crawl.

3: Seo Image Optimizer: Making use of the plugin will automatically optimized your blog image when been added to your blog post so as in the other hand, it can be able to rank on search engine and also in such terms, brings good tones of about 13% organic traffic because of it automatically alt added on the image.

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4: SeoQuake: This is one of the best wordpress extension that makes you spy on your competitors on what they are doing best. This is one of the plugin i’d like to recommend to you because of it great features.

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5: Broken Link Checker: This plugin is one of the best free way to track any broken (unexisting) link on your blog.

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6: All 404 Redirect To Homepage: After seeing so many broken link on your blog now the main thing to think is how are you gonna fixed it?, right?, well here comes the best 404 to homepage wordpress plugin that will auto redirect any broken link, 404 error page link to your homepage or to any desired place in your blog which you want it to be redirected to, with this your blog will have no 404 errors or broken link trace/notifications and also lessen your bounce rate.

7: Seo Squirrly: One of the best seo plugin which i love most, the reason why i love using seo squirrly plugin on my blog or for my client blog is because of it great features on it, most especially the weekly audit which tend to make me know where my seo is going wrong and what could be fixed and one most important thing about seo squirrly is that, it also a free keyword research tool itself.

8: Bavoko Seo Tool: This also has same similar features of seo squirrly but i dont actually know much about it, thou i suggest you give it a try because it features is completely good that will also be a good impact to your blog seo.

Top 6 Best WordPress Plugin That Will Skyrocket Traffic To Your Blog

Talking about traffic to your blog, they are free best wordpress plugin that can boost your blog traffic without spending a dime and such plugins are:

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1: Jetpack: This is one of the best multi downloaded wordpress plugin that has a great features most especially bringing good tones of traffic volume to your blog in terms of sharing your post to social media automatically.

2: MicroBlog Poster: Not much peope knew more about this plugin but it main features is to auto share old and new blog post depending the time set and how many post it should share just like the Revived Old Post plugin formerly known as retweet old post

3: Publish To Apple News: getting your blog post appear on apple news is also a better way to increase and to boost your blog traffic daily. Therefore kindly install this plugin if you are the Traffic Hunger type like me, also install the Google News Publisher wordpress plugin.

4: Inline Related Post: Keeping your visitors spending more time on your blog.

5: Simple Auto Tag: I will normally call this shortcut keyword on blog because it shows tags from the post automatically and manually if set by you.

6: Add To Any Share Button: Getting the most traffic is when your users share your blog post and makes it go viral on their social media.

7: YARP: Yet Another Related Post is one of the best related post widget that shows to your visitors and also let them know about the related post to the particular post they are reading, this also increases your blog traffic and pageviews

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