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Blogging Tips: The Need to Blog Onsite and On Social Media

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The Need to Blog Onsite and On Social Media

The Need to Blog Onsite and On Social Media

You now have your corporate website with all the necessary content therein that you would like your audience to read – Home, About Us, Services, Contact Us, and so on. But, wait, something’s lacking. Yes, you’re right – your corporate blog!
We all know for a fact that most companies in the western world are now into blogging. But, is corporate blogging really worth it? You may have come across terrible posts and start to wonder why this is so. Luckily, there’s a remedy for that. You may also like to read about www.facebook.com

Corporate Blogging and Its Perks

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You might think that just about any post on your site will do. But no – it is not just for the sake of having something you think your audience will be interested to see or read. Or would you have any visitors at all, in that case?
Corporate blogging is the act of producing and publishing content that are relevant to your target market’s needs about a particular information they are searching. You make use of such blog to achieve whatever goals you have set for your organization.
What you find advantageous in this practice is that, your posts and the reader’s comments are within easy reach of viewers and can be followed with no hassle. Centralized hosting and a generally structured conversation threads are what make it so.
What’s more, a successful blog can generate huge traffic to your site – your firm gets added attention without much difficulty. Sadly, the problem is, not all business owners possess the knowledge and the know-how of blogging.
Making a blog and maintaining it is no easy task for people who don’t have the natural flair. As far as blogging for the company is concerned, only very few people do it well, like the Filipino virtual assistant and content creators from the best SEO companies around.

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Okay, so now you’re all set to blog since you already know that it can generate sales. ” Assuming blogs have been posted, how would you know that people are going to read them?

Factors to Consider When Blogging

Below are some factors you have to consider since these will give you an overview about the practice:
How Many and How Often – (The quantity and frequency)
Launching your blog is not really necessary because the moment you release your very first post, you should do the launching altogether. Remember, the more blogs there are, the greater the traffic you get. Blogging once a week or once a month is fine. One thing though, consistency is more important than frequency.
Who’s in charge If you have a department, it should be the marketing group’s responsibility. But the blogger? Well, the responsibility goes to the founders of the company as well as interested employees, and of course, the blog post should be attributed to the individual who writes.
If there’s not an in-house skill, then you can always outsource a VA who possesses skills in writing and editing, and additionally, knows social media strategies. Her task would be to edit or proofread your posts before going live. This way, you will never have issues like wrong grammar and spelling, improper punctuations, along with other problems. Further, experts warn not to make the mistake of hiring a ghost writer since the posts might turn out to not sound authentic.
Don’t let the task be a problem if you consider yourself a non-writer, as there are a hundred and one ways to pursue it. Blogging not only helps grow your company – it’s also the top source of traffic (leading to your main site of course), and a suitable lead generation channel for your business. Plus, all the backlinks in your blog, including the shares in social media carry over to your corporate site, thus, helping it rank high on Google.

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