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Bobrisky Accused Of Owing 8m By Nigerian Dental Surgeon

Bobrisky is once again in the news for accusation of lending a sum of 8 million naira which he has refused to return.

A Nigerian dental surgeon identified as Ifeoma has accused Bobrisky of lending 8 million naira from her and has refused to return the money. According to Ifeoma, Bobrisky reached out to her to lend him some money to do a surgery to help improve his feminity and be free of the ridicule he has been getting from Nigerians. Ifeoma explained how she agreed to lend her money out of sympathy and to support her cause of helping members of the gay community since she and her husband were bisexual. She stated that she lent him, 2.5 million and 5.5 million naira progressively.

However, Ifeoma finally voiced out on social media to reveal how Bobrisky has refused to fulfil his end of the bargain by returning the money he lent and also how he has been ignoring her calls.

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