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CCTV Footage Shows The Moment A Man Stole A Praying Woman’s Phone In Church

A CCTV footage has been released after a woman’s phone went missing in a church.

According to reports, this happened in “La Redonda church in Guayaquil, Ecuador”, and the thief caught on CCTV was identified as a parishioner.

In the CCTV footage, a kneeling woman can be seen; seriously praying in church with her eyes closed and hands together, she came with 2 bags and it can be seen behind her; on her seat.

A man in a kneeling position can be seen in the sitting row just behind the praying woman, the footage shows that the man was in a prayer mood too when he noticed the phone in the praying woman’s bag and just then, he saw that moment as his golden opportunity, so he slipped the phone from the woman’s bag into the nylon bag he was carrying.

The funny part? he did a sign of the cross before leaving the church!

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