Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Comedian I Go Dye Will Reward 5 Peace-loving Voters With $5,000

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Ahead of the forthcoming general elections and a continuation of his quest for a better Nigeria popular stand up comedian, Francis Agoda, a.k.a I go Dye has promised to reward lucky Nigerians who are devoted to the peace and tranquility of the Nigerian society during and after the general elections.

Speaking on the much expected general elections in a chat with Vanguard Showtime Bonus, he said;

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“You stand a chance of being among the five lucky winners of Francis Agoda Path of Honour Awards (FAPOH), of $5000 ($1,000 each). Let’s take a charge of our future by standing for peace at all times. We shouldn’t wait until we lose someone close to us before we become advocates of peace.” Adding that the beginning of progress in any society is the promotion of peace.

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“The first step to guarantee progress in any nation is by promoting peace. All the nations of the world that have attained development were created by their citizens and peace was paramount.

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