Wed. Mar 20th, 2019

How To Make $100 Daily Using CPA Networks

Cpa networks,Hello everyone, Its been a long time i haven’t updated this blog. I was busy in a lot of my new projects so i couldn’t manage time to update this blog.

But today i am here with a new method that is easily making me $100+ everyday. I thought you guys will love to use my method to make some cash to start your own Online business. I am making alot of money lately using CPA networks. And one of the best CPA Networks is OGAds. Don’t worry, if you don’t know anything about OGAds, I will tell you what actually is OGAds.

CPA networks is the easiest way to make money for newbies. You will easily make $10-$100 per day using CPA networks.


What is CPA networks?

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Basically, you send visitors to an offer & they take an action, you will get paid. Action means Installing an app, submitting an email and so on. Pretty easy, huh?

And OGAds is one of the finest CPA networks with great offers & great payouts. They updates new offers every other day.

You can make upto $50 – $100 when a vistors completes an offer, but these offers are hard to convert.

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But here we will use easy to convert offers, that pays us $1 -$10.

We can make shit load of money using this method

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How to make Money With OGAds & Facebook?

Facebook is a great place to promote CPA networks offers because most of people uses mobile to surf Facebook. And OGAds has really good mobile offers that converts with Facebook.

So, create a new Facebook page, if you already have one, then thats good. But if you don’t have then keep on reading, I will tell you how to grow Facebook page very fast.

Make a new page, Update cover & profile picture. Now post schedule 10 -12 images every hour. Then join groups related to the page. Share page’s content on all groups. You will 2k followers in a week.

Now, Google a product about your niche like T-shirts, mug, necklace & shits.

Then make a giveaway post about it.

Write a post like this ” Follow these rules to participate in this giveaway”

1. Like & Share this post

2. Comment “Done”

3. Share this post

4. verify yourself (Click here to verify: “link of your blog ” )

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Now, create a free blog on blogger. Now create a post with a sign up form. You can google ” email sign up form codes for blogger” and just paste the code in the blogger post. (Just switch to html tab to paste your code)

Write something like ” Please sign up the form below and get an email from us if you win this giveaway.

Now go to OGAds and create new content locker. Just copy the code provided by OGAds & paste it in the blogger post. (Just switch to html tab to paste your code)

Then the content locker locks the page adn every visitor who want to access that post will have to complete offers. And whenever they complete an offer, you will make $1 – 10.

My highest payout was 13$. 10 of my visitors complete a pin submit offer and that gave me $130. You can also make $100 per day easily using this OGAds & Facebook method, You just need to put some effort into this method. If you have any questions, just write them down in the comments box, i will get to you soon.

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