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Download VILLAGE RATS – Village Ambassador - Full Movies Download

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Download VILLAGE RATS – Village Ambassador

Sam Loco Efe engages in heated arguments with different characters, expressing his deep feelings and prioritizing respect and peace within the community. In one instance, he argues with Aki & Pawpaw over their materialistic priorities and lack of concern for where they will sleep, resulting in a heartfelt discussion on confidence and admiration. In another encounter, Sam Loco Efe warns against trusting a particular character with money due to past misappropriation and emphasizes the importance of trust and safety. Throughout the video, there are references to various transactions, potential threats, and community issues, all woven together with comedic elements and Nollywood cinema music.

Movies Title: Download VILLAGE RATS – Village Ambassador - ( Full Movie Download )

Filesize: 100MB

Imdb: Nill

Genre: Nollywood

Cast: Sam Loco Efe, PAW PAW, AKI

Subtitle: English

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