Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Ebola cases has killed 44 in DR congo Rise now To 78

As many as forty-four persons have been confirmed dead as the Ebola cases in DR Congo rise to 78.


It has been reported that no less than seventy-eight cases of Ebola have been recorded in an outbreak in northeast Democratic Republic of Congo.

DRC officials and the World Health Organization on Friday revealed that the outbreak has now claimed 44 lives,

According to a report by the Agence France Presse, AFP, the latest outbreak of the viral disease, which is highly contagious and frequently fatal if untreated, has prompted a visit by the head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , the health ministry said in a statement.

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“In all, 78 cases of haemorrhagic fever have been reported in the region, of which 51 are confirmed and 27 probable” while “24 suspect cases are under investigation”,

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