Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Education Industry 2019: Latest Changes Brought About By Artificial Intelligence

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In recent times, children are more addicted to mobiles than their educational textbooks. So will it bring benefits or adverse effects? How about implementing a system, where children get taught about new concepts, get feedback on their learning via mobile programs? Is it possible? Yes, there is, with the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the field of education. In this article on Education Industry: changes brought about by Artificial intelligence, we give five important points which will bring some of the best practices in this sector.


So, what will be the changes brought about by Artificial Intelligence in the Education Industry?


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AI chatbots are becoming regular in the education industry. There are many parents who debate that the presence of human teachers is needed, but the results say otherwise. So, shall we have a brief outlook on them?


1.Artificial Intelligence and Teacher Collaboration


There have been some positive changes brought about by artificial intelligence software applications. AI along with teachers can reduce the gaps in learning for students who are not good in IQ. A teacher is reviewed only by the percentage of marks of students. But AI can tell accurately the areas where students lack and even the topics where many students scored low. In the future, this combination can make educational procedures easy for the students. An advanced AI tool can also send able responses for a wrong answer.

2. Individual Learning


Yes, every teacher wants to do it. But they rarely find time to devote time to slow learning students. Let us imagine a situation. A teacher has to manage 30 students in a class, complete the syllabus, check the test papers and award the grades. This calls for a lot of time. There are special AI applications which can check the student’s papers and award grades. So, the teacher can devote more sessions to needy students.


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Another major change brought about by artificial intelligence is the modification of content as per the student requirement. Imagine a situation. A student may be good in history, but he finds it difficult to understand mathematics. So the AI can simplify the equations and modify the syllabus in such a way that the student will understand.

3. Universal Access

Let us take a case study into consideration. You work in one of the top companies providing home care services in Hyderabad. You work as a customer care executive for You want to move up the ladder and check the online courses for your career. After selecting the institute you enroll for the virtual programs. Now this program is available in many of the languages via the AI tool called as Presentation Translator. You are given an online portal, which you can log in and have access to the courses. For the doubts, you can use the chat option. Now, you will not know if the answers given for your queries are by an AI chatbot or by a human. But the answers will be perfect to the dot. This is one of the best scientific changes brought about by Artificial Intelligence.

4. Memory


Remember the month rule in education? If you do not revise a topic, you remember only five percent of it. So, revisions are necessary. A Polish inventor by name Peter Wozniak has designed an educational application based on the intervals. If you have the app in your mobile, it will keep record of your learning, the date and time. It will also decide the time you have to do revision. With a few revisions, the AI application can ensure that the information stay secure in your memory for some years.

5. Feedback


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In the class examination, the students work on the answers to the questions given in the paper. A teacher can know the knowledge of the student only based on the answers. But an AI application tool can do more. It can identify and analyse the emotions on the face of a student to a particular question. Suppose, if every student in the classroom has given a wrong answer to a question, a human teacher can forget that the topic has to be taught again. But an  AI tool can send a alert to the teacher, that the topic needs to get revised as per the marks obtained by the students. This will be one of the major beneficial changes brought about by Artificial Intelligence in the future.

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So has AI become a part of our human life? Yes. Remember Siri or shopping online recommendations? Both are AI applications. In this article, however, we have dealt with the changes brought about by Artificial Intelligence in the education sector.


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