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Falz The Bahd Guy Cries Out “I’m Not A Misogynist” – (photos)

Falz the bahd guy is not a misogynist. At least, that’s what he thinks.

The rapper has been constantly criticized for his stance on sex workers or “contractual sex” as he calls it.
“I have been misinterpreted especially in recent times. To a large extent, I understand the sentiments or the feelings of the people that have misinterpreted me. The biggest misconception about my person is that I’m a misogynist, that I hate women.
I think it’s funny, I think it’s laughable because I have continually spoken against the prostitution culture.
It’s just something I don’t subscribe to, but it doesn’t mean I hate women or anything. Men that do these things too are equally doing something that I don’t like, but maybe it’s because I have only done more stuff about the girls, and I understand that because women are the gender that is oppressed.” he said.

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