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Father Ezeaka Felix Sunday Celebrates 5 Years Of Priesthood In Cameroon (Photos)

People of God join me to celebrate this Priest of God, Rev Fr Ezeaka Felix Sunday.

Fr Felix, a priest of God is celebrating 5 years of priesthood. This young priest has continued to live a life of sacrifice and loyalty to God.

He serves the people of God in crisis ridden parts of Cameroon where he pastors very poor rural communities. His parishioners are so poor that Fr Felix has also the duties to provide their basic needs as well as their spiritual needs. Great number of these families feed from his purse while he also has to build the church structure from his friends support in Nigeria.

Kindly join me and pray God to continuously bless his priestly ministry. Also I enjoin you to sow seed of faith in his parish by helping him feed his parishioners and build a better church.

Happy Priestly Anniversary Fr Felix.

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