Fri. Feb 22nd, 2019

#FreeBhadoosky: Hakeem Badmus Arrested On Orders Of Cornerstone College, Ondo


Nigerian Influencer Hakeem Bhadmus popularly known as Bhadoosky on Social Media was this morning arrested by the Police
– The Police men detained his wife and asked that he reported to the scene
– He was told by the police when he arrived the scene that he ‘threatened someone’. He was then whisked off to the Akure, where the complaint was allegedly lodged
– Investigation revealed that Cornerstone College Ondo, whom he called out for an action against some of their graduating students in July are behind his arrest
– Nigerians upon hearing the story have through the hashtag #FreeBhadoosky called for his release, urging the Police to the right thing
The hashtag #FreeBhadoosky is currently No 1 on Twitter following the arrest of one of Nigeria’s finest Digital Media influencers Hakeem Bhadmus, better know as @Bhadoosky.

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