Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Top 10 Best And Highest Paying Get Paid To Walk App In 2019

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Get Paid To Walk | Get Paid For Walking

I think is getting over a month now that I made a write up on the make money online category here on because I was busy testing to know how Legit Get Paid To Walk App Or Get Paid For Walking App is, real or scam, trying to get their payment proof but all seems to go well though the apps are only meant to be used in the United State of America as a participant and Nigeria, Ghana or any other country apart from the foreign country are not eligible or not allowed to used it because they is no payment made for such participant in that country.

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Well get paid to walk or get paid for walking which ever you may call it, is another make money online tricks introduced to me from a friend of mine in Washington DC and have given it a trial, though it worth earning while walking because taking a walk is an human daily bases hobby in every working somebody and if I may say, I’d recommend this get paid for walking to the fat people so as they can take a walk as part of exercise and get paid for walking, isn’t it good enough? Because you get paid to walk using your android phone or smartphone.

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How To Get Paid To Walk | Get Paid For Walking

They Is a trick behind this and that can be achieved by hitting the daily target but wait, how does get paid to walk app works?

* Firstly all you have to do is either you download any of the app or you may download all the apps listed here depending on how smart you are to earn big

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* Then after downloading the apps, follow their “How To Start” and see the daily hit target before approaching to use the apps.

* Though for the requirement, you will need a strong data connection so as the app will continually running on your phone background and calculating, gathering every step taking by you which is attracted with your footstep through vibrating process.

* After following the above instructions, then, you may put or keep your android phone in your pocket as you take a walk and earn.

Top 10 Highest Paying Get Paid To Walk App For Android And Smartphone

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The listed app here are real and paying {nothing like scam, fraud or time wasting make money app about them because you don’t need to pay before starting to used them or you don’t need to invest on it but all you have to do is just download any of the app and start walking to increase your daily earn}

Note that some of them pay more than $50 daily or $100 daily and mostly, some of their payment method are through PayPal, bank transfer, wire transfer, bitcoin with their perspective threshold and the most interesting part is that most of them pays either daily, weekly or even monthly.

* Achievement App

* Higi App

* SweatCoin App

* Charity Miles App

* Map My Walk App

* Better Point App

* Walgreens Balance Rewards App

* StepBets App

* Carrot App For Canada

Get paid to walk or get paid for walking are one of my to do list because once I get up from the bed, I put my android phone in my boxer then take a walk to the bathroom and when going to work, I do the same, so why don’t you play this same trick and make more income while you get paid to walk for a distance.

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