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How To Increase Your Google Adsense CPC Income From $0 To $100 Daily – The simple Logic

How to increase your adsense cpc click in nigeria

Recently i have notice alot of bloggers complaining about low cpc income from adsense account in nigeria, well nevertheless, is either your fault or you did not implement the strategy very well. Meanwhile beliw are what am going to show which i normally called it “The Secret To Increase Your Nigeria Adsense Cpc – The Simple Fact“.

* How to increase your adsense cpc click in nigeria and make money from it

* How to get $10 per click on your adsense cpc in nigeria

* How to make $1000 from your blog on adsense account through cpc increasement – for New and Old blog trick

* How to make money online from adsense on your blog in nigeria

   This tutorial is something you could get for paying someone to teach you but right here on, it is totally free, you dont need to pay me before you can make use of the tactics here.

However, according to my research i have seen many tutorials that will tell you that the way or place in which you paste your adsense code determined your earning ==> Like for instance paste your adsense ads code in your blog header, footer, inside post or when you write and reach one place or every two paragraph then paste your ads code on it…… Blah Blah Blah Blah Blaaaah, thats nonsense but is partially true.

Top 5 Ultimate And Easiest Way To Earn $100 Per Click On Google Adsense Through CPC

This method is basically for those who complained alot of adsense low income most especially the nigerian bloggers who normally complain of low cpc per click from nigeria.

1: Owned A Blog: I still dont need to start all over about how to build a responsive blog or website in nigeria though i hope you already got your owned blog or website if not, is better you get it so as you can as well implement the following process meanwhile, if you hereby in need to owned a blog, business or personal blog like for example, like or any other kindly mail us through or call us on +2349020840389 (Note that sometimes we may not be able to pick calls or read text message because we are always online and once we see your mail, we will urgently reply within 30 minutes)

2: Write Constant Costly Content: writing fresh content daily can also boost your adsense income revenue daily but writing constant costly content is the best super way to boost your earning on adsense and what actually do i mean by Constant Costly Content? ok, what i really mean is that consistence in doing keyword research and by using the appropriate below details.

Key Point: How To Increase Adsense CPC By Doing Keyword Research

Note the below and work on it on your content.

Keyword – The keyword in which you want to write about

Competitor – Use the keyword with low competitor

Volume Search – Make sure that the total volume search for that keyword is high or average high depending on the competitor

Difficulty – Always make use of the easy to rank, steady keyword difficulty

CPC – Here comes the main fact on how much you will earn if you get a cli ck on your adsense from that keyword above.

Cheat Sheat And Workflow Of The Above Illustration

Example 1

Keyword: PPC Affiliate Marketing Company In India

Competitor: 0.8

Search Volume: 17538

CPC: $3.95 / Click

Difficulty: Easy To Rank


Example 2

Keyword: Top 25 Best Web Hosting Company And Their Reviews

Competitor: 49

Search Volume: 60816

CPC: $8 / Click

Difficulty: Hard To Rank


Example 3

Keyword: How To Create A Verify ClickBank Account In Nigeria – ClickBank Income Review For Affiliate

Competitor: 15

Search Volume: 108512

CPC: $23 / Click

Difficulty: Steady To Rank

        According to the above cheat sheat workflow, now here comes the little explanation between them but note that the above example statistic are not really correct when you do keyword research on it and you might end up getting a different result but is just an example so as to make you understand this content.

Exp lanation Of Above Example

If you watch very well, the three illustrated statistic are very different with one having high cpc, now it determined if you can rank on such keyword depending on your earning, therefore my advice for this is that if you know that your blog can actually rank on search engine on any of those keyword then go for it but as a newbie or beginner, example one is best suite for you.

3: Domain Power: The increase on your blog domain authority and or page authority determined the result or increase in organic traffic. So to rank on a keyword, make sure do link building in the right way on that content.

4: Promote Your Blog Content: promote that content with that keyword and guess what? You spend and earn double, How? when you promote that your blog content that you did keyword research and publish it on your blog, you will gain traffic and if praventually you may get more adsense safe click and that will increase your adsense cpc without vpn or self click. 5: This is the last part of the tutorial and with this content i believe is what you might pay for and obviously, you’d get it free, well please kindly share this content with your friends using the share button of any social media logo found below or above this content.

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