Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

HIV Positive Ghanan Slay Queen Slept With Two Ghanaian Politicians Without Condom

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Meet the HIV positive lady who slept with two Ghanaian politicians without Condom

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HIV positive lady, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has claimed that two powerful Ghanaian politicians had sex with her without using condom. According to her the politicians had sex with her despite knowing her HIV positive status then.
In a lengthy post she shared on Facebook, she stated that their political party, NDC, should pay her now or risk having the names of the men exposed.

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Joclyce Dzidzor Mensah wrote:
[i]“ Two very powerful Top NDC politicians who had sex with me. This message goes to you. I still respect you because of your important positions so I will not mention your names for now.
But the same way you people conspired and sabotaged my meeting with Bill gate after my visa was processed and my first class ticket sent to me to fly to Tokyo, that is the same way I will do to you if you are still behaving this way.

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