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Hostinger Affiliate Program Review: How To Make Money Online As Hostinger Affiliate

Hostinger is a fast growing web hosting company which was created in 2004 and have been bootstrapped since then. Today, company provides web hosting for 29 million people in 178 countries. By this time, this firm is getting one new client every 5 seconds. Company has servers in 7 different places (Brazil, Indonesia, Netherlands, UK, US, Singapore, and coming soon Lithuania) – everything thinking to customers been able to enjoy lowest latency and reliability as Hostinger deploys connected Tier-3 datacenters. Also the company offers UPTIME 99,9%, meaning that their services are 99,9% online.
Web Hosting : Every Time someone needs to have his website accessible through the internet, this person has to have a domain name and also a service which will maintain his project online. This service is called web hosting. That’s why potential marketing for web hosting is huge – basically, everyone who has an online project needs it. Hostinger’s vision is to enable millions of people around the globe to unlock the power of Internet and give them the empowerment to learn, create and grow. To help people to earn money online, Hostinger developed the highest paying Affiliate Program.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is a very large industry responsible for maintaining thousands of blogs worldwide. It consists in a type of marketing based on performance, which will rewards affiliates in CPS (Cost Per Sale) or CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model, meaning, in other words, that affiliates wins commision everytime products and services promoted by them are being sold through their links. In general, the affiliate will receive a link or a coupon code so a software can be able to track and attribute him a commission when a sale it´is done through this link. So, if one already have a website, affiliate could simply add some banners or links and start making money online. That may work, because people can visit your website and be attracted by your affiliate banners and you´ll start sending traffic and sales for the company you intend to. It´s usual also for affiliates to do a review about the company you are affiliating for. Then affiliates use other marketing methods to potentiality their audience. This means that is common that one start also creating a blog post, using search engine optimization, sharing posts online, or using other methods to get more audience. Affiliate has to invest some effort to share information about the company and he will win more money after getting traffic and sales to the company.

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So, in cases as web hosting, it’s possible to create a bunch of useful blog posts with good information like “How to Create a Blog”, “How to Create a Website”, or even “Where to host my blog”. This kind of information is very useful for thousands of people who are giving their first steps in blogging and need it to make their project go online. In this way, you´ll be not only giving people valuable information, but also promoting a service you´ll be representing and been able to make money from it.

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Hostinger Affiliate Program
So, until this point of the article you could see that potential marketing for web hosting is huge. Basically, everyone navigating through internet can be a potential web hosting client.

By promoting Hostinger services, you´ll be able to win up to 60% commission.

One great thing, besides companies great features, is firm´s prices and that can make conversion rate higher than competitors (starting from U$ 0,80 monthly basis in some plans).
So, for all Hostinger web hosting services (Shared Hosting, Business Hosting and VPS) you will 60% of whats is being bought in clients first purchase. They have plans starting from $2.4 for shared hosting for three months to $3,434.40 in a Business Hosting Plan for 4 years. All products with prices few can beat.Could you imagine earning $ 2060,4 in commission for a $3,434.40 sale after someone buying a business hosting through your link? Great, right??To participate in it, you can register totally for free, get your unique affiliate links, place banners and links in your websites and start earning money.

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria As A Student

Conclusion Worldwide, affiliate marketing is been responsible for maintaining blogs profitable, together with other advertising methods. Joining a affiliate program build in a way that you can promote it easily with a possibility of winning good commissions will probably make your profits higher. What are you waiting for?

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